Monday, August 18, 2008

Fresh Junk: Margiela Ripoffs

I'm baaaaack! Thanks to Cho for the Photoshop help--I promise that I'll be updating MUCH more regularly now.These "celebrity censored" sunglasses from Fred Flare are unfortunately sold out, but I wonder if they were on sale before the Margiela L'Incognitos? In any case, the boat might have left the harbor regarding this trend, but I'm a sucker for a sick pair of sunglasses.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Really Obsessed With: Studded Shoes

I just want to direct your attention to just how freakin' sick these shoes are. If I'm not mistaken, they're both from this one place on Lafayette St. (all you in the area, help a girl out with the name?). The entire store is stocked to the brim with custom-studded shoes, boots and jackets as well as vintage tees, distressed denim and everything else you could imagine showing up in a kool person's closet. I'm KICKING myself for not picking something up while I was there, but maybe one day I'll be able to cash in on the studded fun.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Best and Worst Dressed at Olympics 2008

Hideously dressed, I present to you the Spanish...otherwise known as the worst dressed Olympians.

Classy and sophisticated, the Americans...Duh!

Opening day is all about style. Gold Medal goes to us!

Inspired by: New York City

Big Apple apologies for my three day hiatus--but I swear, I was trying to visit parts of NY before I leave for Michigan this Wednesday. No doubt my trip here in NYC has been fantastic, but I'm offically ready to head home. Until then, here's the quintessential NY outfit for a rainy day like today which is a bit of Blair, a smidge of Holly Golightly, and a whiff of those creepy touristy vendors.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mad Delusions: Designer Water

So yesterday, I'm looking for a water bottle to bring to work, and the only container I could find was this bottle of Voss water that I had bought on a whim. It was made of glass which made it impossible to throw around, and it had an awkward screw top which made it impossible to drink out of. It was also expensive, which made me more pissed off that I had bought it in the first place...and did this water taste any different from my trusty old Aquafina? Uh, no. Wait..., Not at all. Designer waters may be pretty to look at and pretty fly to carry around, but that's all they are. But sometimes, form comes over function - and if you're in the mood to be haute and hydrated, visit to buy a few liters for yourself.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mad Delusions: Satin Hobo

This bag is just so wrong for me. It's impossibly big for a satin bag, too glam for the daytime and way too unstructured for night, not to mention that it'd be impossible to clean. Plus, it'd probably be a magnet for little spills and stains, I'd have to keep it away from anything that might snag the fabric, and its contents would have to be limited to only soft, fluffy, voluminous things (stuffed animals?). If the bag was a person, it'd be the most annoying, high-maintenance, whiny, prissy, disgustingly girlish thing around. And yet? I love it. I love it so much that I'd be willing to devote my life to just perching atop a flight of stairs in an old Gothic cathedral (with a horde of bodyguards to make sure the pigeons, people, and dirt stay clear) wearing just this bag and a giddy look that says "this scene is just far too glamorous, isn't it boys?" Oooooh Kristen Lee. Shame shame for making me think these thoughts!

Mad Delusions: Marc Jacobs Booties

I'm a little bummed about leaving New York next week. But you wanna know the best type of therapy for this? Shoes. Shoes. Ohmygawd, shoes. These Marc Jacobs booties would be the perfect pick me up to get me through the next couple weeks. Seriously, they're perfect. Jewel toned, ribbon laced, with a chunky heel? Someone figure out how to hook me up to an IV drip filled with these babies, and I'll be back with a blogging vengeance sooner than you can say shucks.