Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mad Delusions: Satin Hobo

This bag is just so wrong for me. It's impossibly big for a satin bag, too glam for the daytime and way too unstructured for night, not to mention that it'd be impossible to clean. Plus, it'd probably be a magnet for little spills and stains, I'd have to keep it away from anything that might snag the fabric, and its contents would have to be limited to only soft, fluffy, voluminous things (stuffed animals?). If the bag was a person, it'd be the most annoying, high-maintenance, whiny, prissy, disgustingly girlish thing around. And yet? I love it. I love it so much that I'd be willing to devote my life to just perching atop a flight of stairs in an old Gothic cathedral (with a horde of bodyguards to make sure the pigeons, people, and dirt stay clear) wearing just this bag and a giddy look that says "this scene is just far too glamorous, isn't it boys?" Oooooh Kristen Lee. Shame shame for making me think these thoughts!