Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just Purchased: Alexander Wang Uniqlo

Just so we get things straight here, I actually bought this dress before I bought my YSL's, and even though I paid to get it shortened afterwards, it doesn't technically count (okay? okay.). No doubt you've heard about the terrible, very bad, good-for-nothing heat wave in NYC, and it's seriously put a damper on my outfits. Thanks goodness I decided to wear this dress though, because I got lost on the train, and was running around Midtown like a blindfolded chicken (is that even an idiom?) trying to find my way to Bloomberg (which was awesome, btw). The open back kept me cool, and the folding and pleating in the front kept things interesting enough so I didn't feel like I was going to a funeral. The accompanying photograph is from an slideshow, but I wore mine with sandals and a blazer (which I promptly took off as soon as I left the office).