Thursday, July 31, 2008

Really Obsessed: Karen Walker Shades

As I was organizing my sunglasses collection yesterday evening (wahoo), I happened to notice that the ratio of aviators to non-aviators was a disgusting 5:1. But the problem with aviators is that, at least for me, they never seem to last very long. Most of mine had a missing nosepad or were bent funnily. One sad pair only had one lens. I'm on the lookout for chunkier frames made from near indestructible plastic so they can survive my penchant for sitting on them, dropping them on the ground, or stuffing them deep into my bags only to be crushed by heavy textbooks. Karen Walker shades scream "ABUSE ME, BABY", which, to be honest, is the only thing I want to hear my sunglasses screaming right now. Funeral for Aviators#12 and Aviator#7 will be held next Tuesday : (